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1. Hollywood Web Series On Netflix

1. Hollywood Web Series On Netflix2. Hollywood Web Series On Amazon Prime3. Hollywood Web Series On YouTube4. More Web Series To Binge-Watch

Have you been endlessly scrolling through OTT platforms only to realize that there’s nothing left to watch? Having nothing to binge on is a modern-day dilemma, and we totally understand your despair. It’s not like you don’t have many options to choose from, the issue is finding a good web series to commit to. Digital platforms are a treasure trove of some amazing Hollywood web series that you’d wanna binge-watch over and over again. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the best Hollywood web series available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube that you won’t get tired of watching!

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  1. Hollywood Web Series On Netflix
  2. Hollywood Web Series On Amazon Prime
  3. Hollywood Web Series On YouTube
  4. More Web Series To Binge-Watch

Hollywood Web Series On Netflix

You can spend hours browsing through the vast library on the streaming site before deciding on something to watch. Why not save the hassle and just go through our top picks of the best Hollywood web series on Netflix?

The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia is a professional monster hunter for the kingdom of Nilfgaard, which is governed by deplorable rulers. Even when the local populace is faced with poverty and rampant violence, Nilfgaard attacks the kingdom of Cintra to gain more territory. A surprising alliance emerges when the Geralt of Rivia meets a witch and a young princess from Cintra seeking refuge from the carnage. The Witcher is undeniably one of the best Hollywood web series on Netflix that will keep you hooked until the very end.

Stranger Things

An uncomfortable realization sets in on the residents of a small town in search of Will Byers, a kid who has gone missing. Will’s mother, his friends and an investigating officer are faced with the possibility of supernatural forces at work. Now they must confront the unknown evil monsters if they want to get Will back to safety. You’ll love this Hollywood web series especially if you’re a fan of science fiction, horror and supernatural genres.


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Marvel’s Daredevil

Matthew Murdock was blinded in an accident when he was a child. He brings criminals to justice as an attorney by day and a superhero after the night falls under the guise of Daredevil. His primary mission is to thwart a criminal conspiracy led by his nemesis Wilson Fisk, which he tries to do with the help of the allies he makes during his crime-fighting journey as Daredevil.

13 Reasons Why

Clay Jensen comes home to find a series of cassette tapes addressed to him. These tapes were recorded by Hannah Baker, his crush, who died by suicide two weeks earlier, for reasons unknown. With no way of bringing Hannah back to life, Clay can only hit play to learn the 13 reasons that led to her ending her life. 13 Reasons Why is among the best Hollywood web series on Netflix that you must watch at least once!

Schitt’s Creek

Johnny Rose and his family live a life of wealthy exuberance until one day they go completely broke. In a bid to start their life back from scratch, they move to a small town called Schitt’s Creek which the family had once bought as a joke. David and Alexis- the kids of the family have never worked a day in their lives and are now forced to do so to make ends meet. Follow the family on their hilarious adventures as they try to get their lives together again in this popular Hollywood web series!


Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a spinoff series, set as a prequel to Breaking Bad about the beginnings of Walter White’s legal aide- Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman.The story takes us back to a time where Saul was struggling to make his name as a serious criminal lawyer. What eventually led him to become the resourceful, morally corrupt lawyer we know? Watch this amazing Hollywood web series on Netflix to find out!

Hollywood Web Series On Amazon Prime

There are some marvelous web series on Amazon Prime that you may not have explored yet. From horror, thriller, to comedy web series, Amazon Prime has a lot to offer! Go ahead and watch these binge-worthy Hollywood web series on Amazon Prime if you haven’t yet.

Young Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper, the socially awkward genius from the hit show ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ was loved and adored by the fans. Have you ever wondered what he must have been like as a child? The Hollywood web series ‘Young Sheldon’ turns back time and takes you along on the journey of a school-going Sheldon growing up in Texas. Follow along as Sheldon tries navigating through life, being the smartest person in the room with his annoying siblings, religious mother, unbothered dad, and a cool mee maw.

Star Trek-Picard

This Hollywood web series on Amazon Prime is a treat for all the Star Trek fans out there! Jean Luc Picard is enjoying his life post-retirement from the Starfleet on a vineyard in solace. That is until a woman named Dahj comes to him asking for help. Still reeling from the death of Data and the destruction of the planet Romulus, Picard is left with more questions than answers.



Based on a novel of the same name by Sarai Walker, Dietland brings the character of Plum Kettle to life. Plum is a 29-year-old woman working as a ghost-writer for the editor of a beauty magazine in New York. Being plus-sized, she has been battling self-image issues due to the arbitrary standards of beauty set by society. To add to her woes, she is also constantly being put down by her boss at work. While the news headlines start buzzing with violent deaths of men accused of sexual assault, Plum sets on a path of self-discovery.

Nine Perfect Strangers

A health resort promising rejuvenation of fatigued minds and bodies in 10 days has caught the attention of many. 9 different strangers, for various personal reasons, enroll themselves for the 10-day program at the resort, hoping to get better.Is it as simple as advertised? Or is there something more than meets the eye? Watch this riveting Hollywood web series to find out!


Flight no.828, which had been reported missing 5 years ago with passengers onboard, miraculously reappears. Will their lives ever be the same when they try to reintegrate into a world that has moved on 5 years? The plot thickens as the passengers realize their newfound purpose.

Hollywood Web Series On YouTube

YouTube isn’t just a video-sharing platform; it is also host to some of the most gripping original series. Here are some of the best Hollywood web series on YouTube that you’ve gotta watch!


Weird City

This Hollywood web series on YouTube is a satirical anthology that revolves around the lives of residents of Weird City. What’s unique about the city? Well, the city’s population has been physically divided by walls into the rich and poor classes. Meet a new citizen every episode and experience a day in their life in this bizarre city.


Meet Henrietta Coles, an introverted teenager possessing the supernatural power of teleportation. But there’s a catch! She has no control over the destination. Her life changes when she eventually learns how to control her superpower with the help of a friend having the same abilities as her. This Hollywood web series is sure to keep you hooked!

Step Up: High Water

Remember watching Step Up movies growing up and trying to copy the cool dance moves? The franchise is back with the amazing dance sequences and drama, but this time in the form of a web series. Tag along with the students and teachers of High Water Performing Arts School and live their story through the show.

Cobra Kai

Daniel and Johnny from the original Karate Kid movie are back again, face to face after 30 years. While Johnny, the antagonist, is struggling to make ends meet, Daniel has gone on to become a successful businessman. After a life-changing event, Johnny decides to restart the infamous Cobra Kai dojo while Daniel tries to find inspiration after the death of his mentor, Mister Miyagi. Relive your childhood memories with some more drama and action through this Hollywood web series.


More Web Series To Binge-Watch

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Best Mystery Web Series: The best part about watching mystery web series is that it keeps you racking your brain and guessing all night long! Here are some amazing mystery web series that you can watch online.

Best Sci-Fi Web Series: Sci-fi shows have a way of transporting us to a whole new world from the comfort of our couch. If you’re looking to binge-watch the best sci-fi web series, do check out this list!

Best Crime Series: If you’re a fan of crime dramas, you’ve gotta check out our list of the best crime web series that are available to stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar.


Go ahead and bookmark these Hollywood web series right away!

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15 Gripping Hollywood Web Series That Will Keep You Glued To Your Screens! - India's Largest Digital Community of Women | POPxo (2024)


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