25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (2024)

Dreadlocks are a universal hairstyle that have accumulated immense attention over time, getting different upheavals and being enshrined in other societies' cultures. To the Rastafari, the style is symbolic of their religious affiliation, and to the growing pop culture, it is a carefree look – an expression of art. Sure, locs are one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. They are easy to maintain and are considered one of the most protective hairstyles for men and women, protecting the scalp from stress. What are the best short loc styles for females with short hair?

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (1)


  • Short loc styles for females with short hair
    • 1. Asymmetrical dreadlocks
    • 2. Side swept
    • 3. Naturally black
    • 4. Blonde short dreadlock
    • 5. Red dreadlock mohawk
    • 6. The magnificent baby locks
    • 7. Faux locs
    • 8. Curly dreadlocks for short hair
    • 9. Half topknot
    • 10. Deep blue dreadlocks
    • 11. Inverted bob
    • 12. Freeform locs
    • 13. Messy short dreadlocks
    • 14. Brown-tipped dreadlocks
    • 15. Simple fun
    • 16. Finger waves
    • 17. Double buns locs
    • 18. Chunky locs
    • 19. Thin locs
    • 20. Dreadlock Bantu knots
    • 21. Criss-cross dreadlocks
    • 22. Simple thick dreadlocks
    • 23. Luxury retwist and style
    • 24. Thick two-strand twist
    • 25. Styled locs with beads
  • How do you style short loc?
  • How do you style short locs for beginners?
  • How do you start locs with short hair?
  • What are the different loc styles?
  • How long does a loc style last?

Today's hairstyles are creative. There is nothing cuter than short dreadlocks. There are numerous short dread styles for women that you will be spoilt for choice. Whatever look you are aiming for, either a striking appearance or a reserved one, natural dreadlock hairstyles can work for you. You can go for a sassy look that will give you a long-term non-deserving of a frequent revamp.

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Short loc styles for females with short hair

Dreadlocks are one of the oldest hairdos whose origin is surrounded by mystery, many quoting different stories. But who cares? Regardless of its source, it looks worth the time at the salon as it will give your hair the ideal reprieve as long as you do everyday maintenance routines.

If you are looking for fancy dreadlock styles fitting for your short hair, you better be creative. Luckily, the style's perfect with short hair, and you will have an endless collection of dread styles to look forward to.

1. Asymmetrical dreadlocks

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (3)

Fancy changing your hair colour regularly? Then this is the ideal dreadlock hairstyle for you. Although most ladies prefer red or brown, you can add whatever colour you desire to achieve your desired appearance. And when you crave another shade, you can alter it as you wish to match your jewellery.

2. Side swept

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25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (5)

With a fabulous collection of loc styles for short hair, why not go for the unconventional appearance? You will love the appeal and swag it brings, accentuating your look excellently.

The best thing about this short dreadlock style for ladies is that you can easily style it, and you do not need braiding or pinning equipment. All you have to do is to transform your locks into an ombre or dark colour; whatever you prefer will come out great.

3. Naturally black

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (6)

Are you wondering what dreadlocks styles for ladies with short hair to adopt for your new style? Sure, there are infinite options, but if you are looking for something simple, going deep black can bring out your elegance.

Of course, you might be worried about looking regular; after all, it is just black. However, the look's unusual approach and how the hair's twisted to achieve the perfect deep dark shade are impressive. This is not your typical back style, but something with vibrant colour out of the dye you apply. And you can play around with tones as you desire.

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4. Blonde short dreadlock

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (8)

Another great look among dread styles for ladies to try. You can get this effect on your hair, even if yours is black, using the right tools (talk to your stylist). This appearance is excellent and is perfect for formal and casual occasions.

5. Red dreadlock mohawk

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (9)

What are common loc styles? Mohawk is the most common among the numerous female dread hairstyles because of its easy set-up with short hair. If you are looking to up the bad girl factor of your dreads, wrapping them up in a mohawk is the ideal kickass style.

6. The magnificent baby locks

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (10)

Anyone donning dreadlocks recalls the beginning, the challenging phase of growing locs. Instead of concealing this stage, you can style it to match your swag with ease and finesse. And since they are small, it doesn't take a lot of effort to make them look great. Also, it is an excellent start to the long journey ahead, when you will have your long dreads to style as you desire.

7. Faux locs

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (12)

Trendy, fashionable, and amazingly easy dreadlock styles are a darling of the daring women who have decided to rock this bold look. This is different from real dreadlocks as they utilize extensions and can be easily worn by anyone with any type of hair.

If you are trying to grow out of your current hairstyle and probably looking to have real dreads in the future, this is the perfect look to rock. You can count on the hairdo to protect your hair perfectly.

8. Curly dreadlocks for short hair

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (13)

Which loc style is best? If you think ordinary, everyday dreadlocks are boring; you can try a curly look to achieve your ideal appearance. Sure, it is a vogue expression that will twist heads wherever you go, and best of all is that you can apply any colour you love. All you have to do is to tighten your hair more than usual to give it the perfect curl.

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9. Half topknot

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (15)

You have probably seen this style in any dreadlocks styles photo gallery you check out, as it is ubiquitous today. This look is perfect when your locs have grown just enough to create a top burn, which looks stunning.

All you have to do is to pull up your most elongated locs in a top bun and leave some hanging. Since your dreadlocks might be extremely short, use your loose ends to create the perfect bun and then leave the tips slightly open. It is a versatile appearance that both women and men can wear regardless of age.

10. Deep blue dreadlocks

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (16)

This is a fantastic way to customize your dreadlocks with a contemporary look. And it is ideal for short hair. The look is excellent for casual occasions and can be styled in different ways. Forget about the conventional dread styles for ladies; this one is perfect, making short dreadlocks look elegant. Interestingly, the style does not require massive input.

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11. Inverted bob

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (18)

Who would not love a dreadlock style borrowed from one of the most common looks that women adorn? An inverted bob, as the name suggests, is a vogue and chic look that inverts the ordinary bob to suit the wearer's preference.

It is an inverted asymmetrical look, ideal for short hair. The asymmetrical dreads are swept aside in the opposite direction to achieve the desired inverted look. Sure, it is one of the most wonderful dread styles for ladies of the century.

12. Freeform locs

Despite locks being around for a long, there is still a lot to learn from the ancient style. Nonetheless, their beauty is majestic, and even if they are short, there is just a way of making everything work. If you are starting on your dreadlock journey, simply twisting it and applying different shades or only one is a great way to begin.

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Do not worry about other dreadlocks styles for ladies with short hair; within a few months, you will have the freedom to try any other. However, for the beginning phase, going for this look is the best way of looking great.

13. Messy short dreadlocks

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (20)

As strange as it might seem, some women love a messy appearance. It is a chic look that is preferred by numerous teenagers looking for a bold form. One can achieve messiness in many ways.

You can have dreads twisted to medium length and then push a bunch to one side. Then, you can place the rest of your hair back to produce the perfect messy appearance. Although it is a shabby look, it still looks pretty awesome.

14. Brown-tipped dreadlocks

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (21)

Dreadlock is a rebellious style, and you can even make it more interesting by adding any hue you desire. Regardless of the length, whether it is extremely short or medium-long, they can always be dyed to become more stunning. Brown is one of the preferred short dreadlocks styles for ladies.

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It is an outrageous colour that makes a bold statement. If you feel like red is an overstatement for you, why not choose another less shouting shade to express your style?

15. Simple fun

Sometimes, all one wants are just simple dreadlocks hairstyles. Something that integrates well with contemporary styles. With a fantastic collection of dreadlocks styles for ladies with short hair, it is hard to pick one. However, this look fits the simple lady who does not want something too shouting.

16. Finger waves

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (23)

Hairstyles are art, expressive of the wearer. With the finger waves look and a great contender of fancy dreadlock styles, your head will be a piece of art marvelled at everywhere you go.

When dreads are moulded ideally, they take the shape of intense waves, and when you look at them, they appear as fingers. It is an excellent style for bold ladies looking for something unique for their short dreadlocks.

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17. Double buns locs

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (25)

Have an upcoming wedding? This style is impeccable, and you do not have to change anything for the after-party. It is a versatile expression, looking too classy. The look provides the perfect blend of formal and party statements.

18. Chunky locs

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (26)

Chunky locs generally require less upkeep and can be advantageous for those who don't have the time or inclination to spend a lot of time on styling and maintenance.

19. Thin locs

The thinner locs create the ideal fuller look. This hair dreads style is great if you have thin hair and want it to look fuller and healthier. The hairstyle is perfect for both formal and non-formal occasions.

20. Dreadlock Bantu knots

Bantu knots are fantastic for natural hair since they are a great protective style that does not require heat treatment or a lot of products. Styling your short locs into Bantu knots ensures that they will last for two to three weeks.

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21. Criss-cross dreadlocks

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (28)

You can style your short locs in a multitude of ways. This style keeps your hair in place and away from your face and shoulders. It can provide a distinct and eye-catching appearance that can be a prominent feature.

22. Simple thick dreadlocks

Thick locs can add volume and texture to the hair, making it more visually appealing and adding dimension. The style is often easier to maintain, which might benefit people who like a casual appearance.

23. Luxury retwist and style

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (29)

This is one of the best wedding lock hairstyles. It is stunning and will offer you a unique and elegant look. The beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that it fits and flatters various female facial shapes.

24. Thick two-strand twist

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (30)

Two-strand twists promote healthy hair and encourage hair growth. The twists' thickness can range from micro-twists to thicker, chunky twists, and they can be done on short hair.

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25. Styled locs with beads

25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (32)

Beads will not only offer a personal touch to your hair, but they will also provide life and brightness to your strands. Beads for dreadlocks are more than simply an ornament; they can also assist in shaping your locs.

How do you style short loc?

There are several ways to style your locs to give them an outstanding and one-of-a-kind appearance. This includes shaping them into Bantu knots, having a side sweep, an updo, splitting them in the middle, andspiralling or coiling them.

How do you style short locs for beginners?

Beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies can be styled in various ways. You can try headbands, twisting locs, a simple bun or simple updos.

How do you start locs with short hair?

Starting locs with short hair can be difficult, but it is possible because there are various methods for starting locs, including twisting and interlocking.

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What are the different loc styles?

There are numerous loc styles to pick from, such as traditional locs, sister locs, interlocked locs, faux locs, freeform locs, and crochet locs.

How long does a loc style last?

Various things, including the style and your hair type, determine the duration of a loc style. Most can last many months before needing maintenance, but the process can be time-consuming and costly.

With access to numerous short loc styles for females, you can look fabulous with less effort. Dreadlocks have always been in fashion; regardless of how long you have them, you will always be in vogue. The look is daring and not for the fainthearted. Also, it is a worthy appearance because of its simplicity and fewer maintenance responsibilities.

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25 Easy short loc styles for females with short hair (pictures) (2024)


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