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Denarie Bautista Taylor, widely known as, Bella Poarch is a US-based navy veteran turned TikToker, internet personality, and singer. She is the most followed Philippine-born TikTok contributor. With over 93 million followers on the short video-sharing platform, she has become the third-most followed individual on the app behind Khaby Lame and Charli D’Amelio. The talented singer has so far amassed over 120 million followers across social media platforms.

Full Name

Denarie Bautista Taylor/Taylor Nariee/Denarie Poarch

Date of Birth

February 8, 1997




Pangasinan, Philippines






49 kg (2023)

Adoptive Parents

Kenneth Taylor and Eden



Marital status





TikToker, Singer, Social media personality


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Denarie Bautista Taylor, widely known as, Bella Poarch is a US-based navy veteran turned TikToker, internet personality, and singer. She is the most followed Philippine-born TikTok contributor. With over 93 million followers on the short video-sharing platform, she has become the third-most followed individual on the app behind Khaby Lame and Charli D’Amelio. The talented singer has so far amassed over 120 million followers across social media platforms.

Early life and family background

Born on February 8, 1997, Bella Poarch was born to a poor family that struggled to raise her. Until she was 3, she lived with her grandmother “in the slums, Bella Poarch revealed this in the “H3 Podcast”. Since her biological family was Christian, she follows the religion. She was later adopted by Kenneth Taylor, an ex-US military personnel and his wife Eden. Her adoptive father is White, while her adoptive mother is Filipino. The couple met in Saudi Arabia where Bella Poarch’s step dad was stationed, following which they settled down in the Philippines. Her childhood was spent working on the family farm and taking care of chores, before going to school. She grew up with three adopted siblings -- two elder sisters, and a younger brother, Bryner. Being an adoptive child, Bella Poarch holds dual citizenship from both the Philippines and the USA.

When Bella Poarch was 13, her family moved to Texas in the United States from San Francisco, where they lived at her aunt’s for a couple of months. However, two of her older sisters remained in the Philippines. Bella Poarch claimed that she had a traumatic childhood with toxic environment at home with her father being verbally and physically abusive to her and her brother. Her other sisters didn’t receive the same treatment. Although her mother knew all of it, she refused to get involved and remained a complicit. After her father’s bypass surgery, she was no longer subject to physical abuse, but she said her father still tormented her emotionally and she was mistreated at home. And, this sufferage took a toll on her mental health. Currently, Bella Poarch resides in Los Angeles.


Bella Poarch went to a local school in the Philippines, where she didn’t have any friends. After moving to Texas, she attended a private university and completed her graduation.

Before Fame

In 2015, a recruiter approached her, and in order to escape her toxic father, Bella Porach decided to join the Navy. Her parents didn’t even bid her a farewell when she was leaving for her training. Her father even told her not to return home if she failed her training. After successfully completing her training, Bella Poarch became an active member of the US Navy. She enlisted in the Navy as an aviation ordnanceman and was in the musical division. She served in the Navy for four years and during this time, she was stationed in Japan and Hawaii. After retiring from Navy, she joined TikTok and became an overnight sensation. She garnered over 80 million followers within eight months of content journey commencement.

Military Career

● Bella Poarch joined the United States Navy. She became a Navy member and started her military job
● While in the military, Bella Poarch worked on an assignment in Japan. She was based at a Navy base there
● Bella Poarch became famous during her time in the military by making a TikTok video where she lip-synced to the "M to the B" song. This video became popular and led to her social media career
● After her video became a hit, Bella Poarch left the Navy with an honorable discharge. She chose to pursue a career in social media and making online content

TikTok Journey

● Bella Poarch's TikTok journey began in January 2020, but it wasn't until April 2020 that she actively started sharing content. Her early
posts revolved around gaming and cosplay
● The turning point came in August 2020 when Bella's lip-syncing videos gained massive attention. Her rendition of "Sophie Aspin
Send" by Millie B, with a distinctive close-up style and rhythmic charm, became TikTok's most-liked video ever
● Building on her TikTok success, Bella expanded her presence to YouTube and Twitter, establishing herself as a versatile content creator across multiple platforms

  • By December 2020, Bella's popularity had soared, catching the eye of major professional Esports organizations, 100 Thieves and
    FaZe Clan, who expressed interest in her as a content creator
  • Bella Poarch often posted acoustic covers of popular songs while playing the ukulele on her TikTok account. This helped her earn a music record deal with Warner Records in 2021

Music Career

● Bella took her talent to the music world, signing a record deal with Warner Records in May 2021, marking her official entry as a musician
● On May 14, 2021, Bella Poarch unveiled her very debut single, "Build a Bitch." This song drew inspiration from her encounters with childhood bullying. Notably, the music video for this track included appearances by renowned Internet personalities such as Valkyrae, Mia
Khalifa, Bretman Rock, and ZHC
● In a podcast, Bella disclosed her lifelong dream of becoming a singer. Her contract with Warner Records was the realization of this dream, despite the initial lack of support from her adoptive parents
● Bella's musical journey continued with the release of her first EP,"Dolls," on August 12, 2022. This EP, known for its dark pop vibe, featured hits like "Villain," which was even used in WWE's Extreme Rules event
● On September 15, 2023, Bella partnered with Lauv, releasing a song and music video titled “Crush”

Achievements and Awards

● MTV Millennial Awards: Bella Poarch was nominated in the "Global Creator" category
● MTV Video Music Awards: Bella Poarch's music video "Build a Bitch" received a nomination for "Best Visual Effects"
● People's Choice Awards: Bella Poarch was nominated as a "New Artist"
● UK Music Video Awards: Bella Poarch's music video "Build a Bitch" was nominated for "Best Pop Video – International"
● Streamy Awards: Bella Poarch received multiple nominations, including "Creator of the Year". She also won the title of "Breakout Creator of the Year". Additionally, she received a nomination in the "Short Form" category

● iHeartRadio Music Awards: Bella Poarch earned the "Social Star Award". Her music video for "Build a Bitch" was nominated for "Best Music Video"

  • She also got an honorary mention in Forbes 30 under 30 in the social media category list

● Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards: Bella Poarch was awarded "Favorite Social Music Star" by Nickelodeon

Social Media Following

Bella Porach has gained over 120 million followers across social media platforms. On TikTok, she has 93.4 million followers, on Instagram she has 12.5 million followers, on Twitter (X) she has 1.2 milllion followers, on Threads she has 1 million followers, on Facebook she has 5.4 million followers, and on YouTube she has 6.71 million subscribers.

Bella Poarch Net Worth (2023)

As of 2023, Bella Poarch’s reported net worth is $12 million. She also makes money from singing and her various social media accounts like TikTok and YouTube. She gets paid through TV shows, commercials and brand promotions, and paid partnership.

Net Worth$12 Million
TikTok Income$3 Million
Instagram Earnings$1 Million
Annual Income$5 Million
US Military Salary$135,000


Bella Poarch owns assets worth $5 million. There is no information on her real estate properties.


Her car collection includes Tesla Model X worth $120K, Maserati Ghibli worth $74,740, Porsche Panamera worth $305K and Land Rover Discovery valued at $53,325. She also has an Audi Q8 ($78K), Lincoln Aviator ($61K), an Aston Martin DBX ($190K).

Gold Reserves$50,000+
Luxury Watches5+
Luxury Yachts1+
Crypto Investments$50,000+
Investment$2 Million+

Collaborations and Sponsorship Deals

  • Alpaca Obsession and Fashion Line: Bella's love for an alpaca stuffed toy became a notable part of her persona. In 2020, she even collaborated on a limited clothing line with RIPNDIP x Paca
  • Bella took on the role of brand ambassador for HyperX, the gaming division of Hewlett-Packard. She championed gaming inclusivity and became the face of the Quadcast S microphone
    ● High-Profile Sponsorships: Bella's growing influence led to sponsorships from major brands like Moncler, Google, Tinder, and NYX Cosmetics, as reported by Seventeen
    ● Fortnite Emote Collaboration: Bella collaborated with Epic Games to introduce her emotes in the popular video game Fortnite, placing her among the ranks of other notable personalities like Marshmello and Ninja


● Bella Poarch sparked controversy by displaying a tattoo of the Japanese Rising Sun flag on her arm. This flag is associated with Japan's imperialist history and is viewed as offensive, particularly in South Korea and other Asian countries

  • In October 2020, Bella Poarch was spotted hanging out with Tyga at his rumored house. There were Twitter users who alleged that they spent the night together, and a video of them went viral on TikTok. The video's popularity led to spamming and reporting of Bella Poarch on Twitter, now 'X' and TikTok. Consequently, Bella Poarch was banned from commenting on the video-sharing app, as she revealed on Twitter. Additionally, many Twitter users started searching for the alleged video of the two stars from their night out, after rumors went out about the clip being leaked from Tyga's OnlyFans account
    ● Bella Poarch faced accusations of racism and cultural appropriation from some social media users. One incident involved her referring to her friend, a person of color, as "Harambe" – the name of a gorilla shot at the Cincinnati Zoo. In response to the backlash, Bella Poarch did not issue an apology and instead explained that it was a nickname they used while stationed in Japan
  • A TikToker named Larissadenisee propagated a theory that Bella Poarch had "sold her soul to the devil" for clout. This theory was based on the perceived disparity between Bella Poarch's claimed military background and her "childlike" public image. It also pointed out a photo in which Bella Poarch wore devil's makeup. However, no substantial evidence was presented to substantiate these claims
    ● Bella Poarch engaged in a Twitter exchange with rapper Cardi B. The exchange started when Bella Poarch's account responded to a tweet praising her music, comparing it favorably to Cardi B's albums. In response, Cardi B shared screenshots of Bella Poarch's previous
    enthusiastic messages in her DMs. Bella Poarch later claimed that her account had been hacked, disavowing the contentious tweet. Cardi B
    clarified that it was the work of Bella Poarch's social media manager, who was subsequently terminated

Dating Life

Bella Poarch is currently single, as per reports. A year or two after joining TikTok, she was rumored to be dating rapper Tyga after they released a TikTok video together. However, non of them confirmed or denied the rumors. Bella Poarch was, however, secretly married to Tyler Poarch from 2019-2022. Tyler and Bella tied the knot on January 5, 2019, in a courthouse ceremony in San Diego. She filed for divorce from her husband after almost four years of marriage in Los Angeles County citing irreconcilable differences. The couple doesn’t have children together. None of them want or pay spousal support to each other. Even after divorce, Bella Poarch doesn’t plan to ditch Tyler’s last name.

Lesser Known Facts Of Bela Poarch

  • Before her TikTok stint, Bella Porach served in the US Navy for four years
  • She holds the record for most likes on TikTok, with over 60 million likes. The video shows her lip-syncing "M to the B" by Millie B
  • Bella Poarch is cousins with Bretman Rock
  • She is a huge BTS fan. Her bias from the K-pop group is RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon
  • In 2022, her song “Dolls” featured in the trailer of movie “Megan”, stylised as M3GAN
  • She wants to collaborate with Korean-New Zealand singer and dancer Rosé from the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK
  • She has PTSD, owing to childhood trauma and distress
  • Bella Poarch got tattoos to cover her scars from her abusive father
  • She supported the Asian-American community amid the rise in reports of hate crimes against them, especially during Covid-19. She herself has been a victim of discrimination. She reveald being “treated differently” and “randomly attacked and assaullted”.
Bella Poarch - Latest News, Stories & Details (2024)


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