Best Futures Prop Trading Firms 2024 (2024)

Best Futures Prop Trading Firms 2024 (1)

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Jeremy Biberdorf


Feb 15, 2024

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Investing in futures can be an exhilarating endeavor. Futures contracts, agreements to buy or sell a particular asset at a predetermined price at a specific time in the future, offer a wide range of potential profits. They're utilized by traders as a speculation tool or a hedge against market volatility. However, trading futures requires extensive knowledge, skill, and a significant amount of capital, often making it inaccessible to individual traders.

That's where futures prop trading firms come into play. Proprietary trading firms, or "prop firms," allow traders to trade with the firm's capital, eliminating the need for substantial personal investment. In return, the trader shares a portion of their profits with the firm.

This article aims to guide you through the world of futures prop trading firms, providing you with a detailed review of the best options available today. We'll cover TopStep, Earn2Trade, Elite Trader Funding, Bulenox, and Take Profit Trader. For each firm, we'll discuss the benefits they offer, give an overview of the company, and touch on some essential details that may be pivotal for your decision.

Best Futures Prop Trading Firms 2024 (2)

Quick Breakdown

Best Future Prop Firms

  • Top Step

    Best overall, especially for experienced traders seeking a rewarding trading environment.

  • Take Profit Trader

    Best for beginners due to its comprehensive educational resources and trader support.

  • Elite Trader Funding

    Best for traders looking for a straightforward path to becoming a funded trader.

  • Apex Trader Funding

    Best for Advanced Strategies and Aggressive Futures Trading

  • TickTick Trader

    Your Ultimate Companion for Precision Trading

  • Earn2Trade

    Best for traders seeking comprehensive educational resources alongside prop trading.

The Best Futures Proprietary Trading Firms in 2024

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4.6 stars

Tradeable Assets Futures and Forex

Profit Split Up to 80%

Best For Best overall




  • Competitive yet rewarding trading environment
  • No restriction on trading style
  • 24/7 trading availability
  • Futures and forex trading options
  • Profit split of up to 80%
  • Monthly trading combines
  • Real-time, simulated trading evaluations
  • Funded accounts for successful combine participants
  • Promo: Save 20% via our link today

TopStep has quickly gained a reputation for fostering a challenging yet rewarding trading atmosphere. Known for offering unrestricted trading styles and continuous trading, it caters to a wide spectrum of traders, providing avenues for both futures and forex trading. A standout feature of TopStep is its monthly "Trading Combines", which are real-time simulated trading assessments.

Those who excel in these combines can secure funded accounts, amplifying the competitive spirit. TopStep ensures it stays transparent by clearly outlining its rules, fees, and evaluation metrics.

However, the company doesn't stop at just trading; it aims to cultivate the skills of its users. This commitment is evident in its vast array of educational resources. From webinars to video tutorials, TopStep covers essential trading topics, including technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology.

The company's overarching mission? To guide and support traders in refining their skills, eventually molding them into accomplished professionals. This blend of opportunities for growth, both in trading and learning, combined with the prospect of earning a funded account, underscores TopStep's appeal in the trading world.

Founded in 2012 by Michael Patak, Topstep, originally known as TopstepTrader, began its journey on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, nestled in downtown Chicago's West Loop Gate area. In a relatively short time, it catapulted to prominence, securing a spot on the INC.5000 list as one of America's rapidly growing proprietary trading firms.

Topstep's reach isn't confined to the U.S. alone; it boasts a diverse trading community from a staggering 143 countries, and it supports transactions in 10 distinct currencies. A testimony to its versatility is its compatibility with 14 distinct trading platforms, including popular choices like NinjaTrader, TradingView, and TSTrader.

This international presence reinforces its mission to nurture traders, irrespective of their experience or location. The company's ethos revolves around fostering trader growth without jeopardizing their own capital. This approach has borne fruit; by 2020, the firm reported a remarkable $14 million in payouts to funded traders.

The platform remains dedicated to helping traders refine their strategies, manage risks, and attain consistent profitability in their trading endeavors.

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Take Profit Trader

4.3 stars

Tradeable Assets Forex Futures

Profit Split 80%

Best For Beginners




  • Generous terms among futures prop firms
  • Outstanding profit split of up to 90%
  • Ideal for confident, skilled traders
  • Potential for substantial earnings
  • More relaxed risk parameters
  • Beneficial for aggressive trading styles
  • Promo: Coupon Code MODESTMONEY for 50% off

Take Profit Trader operates as a proprietary trading firm, offering ambitious traders, especially those with a keen interest in Futures, the financial backing they require. The firm's philosophy hinges on simplicity, emphasizing clarity over convoluted features. Their aim is to usher traders towards achieving their utmost potential by leveraging the firm's capital, without compromising the trader's own financial safety.

The firm's commitment to trader growth isn't confined to funding. Take Profit Trader has invested in an extensive repository of learning materials. What once were premium courses are now available at no extra charge, underscoring the firm's dedication to arming its traders with top-tier educational resources.

A standout trait of Take Profit Trader is its pragmatic approach to trading rules. Instead of constantly altering markers, they advocate for coherent trading strategies, positioning them uniquely among similar establishments.

Furthermore, they offer traders access to an array of reputable trading platforms, including but not limited to TradingView, Tradovate, and NinjaTrader. Each platform is celebrated for its vast capabilities, from intricate technical analyses to the automation of trades.

With the firm's support, traders are invited to select their desired capital allocation, exhibit their trading prowess, and abide by specific risk regulations. Once these criteria are met, traders are immediately transitioned to handling real capital, a testament to Take Profit Trader's confidence in its community.

James Sixsmith, the founder of Take Profit Trader, embarked on this venture with a vision driven by personal experience and genuine empathy for traders. Previously a professional ice hockey player, Sixsmith transitioned from the world of sports into the realm of trading, only to be faced with significant financial setbacks in his early trading endeavors, losing nearly $150,000. These initial losses, a result of inexperience and the pitfalls of the trading world, were lessons in disguise.

Drawing insights from his challenges and the tales of many other traders he met, Sixsmith realized a common thread – most traders were making the same errors. This resonated with many, as they saw their struggles mirrored in Sixsmith's journey. Motivated by the shared challenges and the need for a supportive trading environment, he established Trade Context.

This venture combined education with third-party funding to support traders.However, Sixsmith's vision was grander. Wanting to offer a more integrated solution and ensure traders had the resources they needed, the idea for Take Profit Trader was born.

The firm stands as a testament to Sixsmith's commitment to supporting traders at every step, providing education, funding for futures traders, and most importantly, shouldering potential losses. Today, Take Profit Trader is a culmination of years of dedication and an earnest desire to revolutionize the trading landscape.

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Elite Trader Funding

4.5 stars

Tradeable Assets Futures

Profit Split 80%

Best For Clear path to funding




  • Straightforward path to funded trading
  • No evaluation or challenge requirement
  • Immediate trading post-registration
  • 80% profit split
  • Ideal for experienced traders
  • Bypassing demo trading period
  • Comparable to top prop firms
  • Promo: Coupon Code ETF4EVER for 65% off

Established within the competitive sphere of proprietary trading, Elite Trader Funding offers a distinctive evaluation and funding platform suitable for traders across varying experience levels. By facilitating a simulated trading environment, the firm provides an avenue for traders to exhibit their prowess, with the potential for obtaining funding based on commendable performance.

Key features that make Elite Trader Funding notable include its flexible trading parameters, streamlined rules, and the judicious use of leverage. Their offerings extend across a diverse range of trading segments, encompassing everything from Equity Futures to Cryptocurrency Futures. Such a broad spectrum ensures that regardless of a trader's specific interest or expertise, there's a program tailored to their needs.

Transparency is a hallmark of Elite Trader Funding. Potential participants can anticipate clear guidelines, ensuring they're well-informed from the outset. Furthermore, the firm's commitment to stellar customer service underscores their aim to foster a supportive trading ecosystem. For individuals or institutions scouting for a reliable prop trading firm, Elite Trader Funding emerges as a solid choice in the financial domain.

Elite Trader Funding was the brainchild of three seasoned professionals with the aim of bolstering the retail trader. These founders, armed with an understanding of starting from the ground up, recognized the challenges faced by traders, especially when personal capital is at risk. They aspired to create an environment where traders could cultivate their skills without jeopardizing their own funds.

Their collective credentials bring immense value to the firm. Among them, they hold a CFA Charterholder title, possess a BA in Economics, an MBA, and have an extensive background spanning banking, the energy sector, and commodities trade. Collectively, their expertise envelops over 40 years of trading experience and more than two decades each in web development and network engineering.

While Elite Trader Funding might not have the same widespread recognition as some of its counterparts, it undeniably offers an enticing avenue for traders confident in their abilities. The company accentuates the importance of risk management, expecting its traders to carefully manage the firm's capital.

But it's not all about rigid rules; the firm ensures ample support is provided. From educational content to dedicated customer assistance, Elite Trader Funding remains committed to aiding its traders in navigating the intricate futures market.

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Apex Trader Funding

4.5 stars

Tradeable Assets Forex and Futures

Profit Split Up to 90%

Best for Wide Range of Trading Platforms Supported




  • Efficient single-step assessment
  • Impressive profit split
  • Bi-monthly payouts
  • No ceiling on maximum payout
  • Flexible trading guidelines
  • Consistently strong reputation
  • Promo: Coupon Code FXJEPTUV for 50% off

Apex Trader Funding, a proprietary trading firm, extends funding programs to day traders worldwide. Offering a chance to trade futures contracts, including micros, with the company's capital, the firm distinguishes itself from others with its One-Step Evaluation Process.

This unique feature gives traders a specified time frame to showcase their skills, achieve a profit goal, and subsequently secure a funded account. What's more, Apex offers expansive market access, encompassing agricultural items, equity derivatives, and more.

With multiple account options, traders of varying financial backgrounds can find an appropriate starting capital. Moreover, the platform supports a range of trading strategies and provides options to choose between Rithmic or Tradovate plans, further enhancing its flexibility and appeal.

Founded by Darrell Martin in 2021, Apex Trader Funding operates as a proprietary trading firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. Before establishing the firm, Martin, initially a rancher, transitioned into the realm of day trading, showcasing his adeptness by achieving $300,000 in payouts from a single funding company.

This success, coupled with his discontent with prevailing funding firms, spurred him to create an institution tailored to his standards and preferences. The company's history can be traced back to 2008 when Martin started building a vibrant community of traders.

Presently, Apex Trader Funding proudly hosts a global community, encompassing over 30,000 members from more than 150 countries. Their guiding principle, "Traders Helping Traders," mirrors Martin's vision and epitomizes the collaborative ethos promoted within the company.

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4.5 stars

Tradeable Assets Forex and Futures

Profit Split 100% For first 3 months




  • Single-step evaluation.
  • No required minimum days.
  • Complimentary access to Jigsaw Daytradr and Bookmap.
  • End-of-Day drawdown updates, rather than post-trade.
  • Flexibility to request payouts anytime during the month.

TickTick Trader is a trading platform designed to cater to a range of traders, offering various funding models tailored to different skill levels and trading preferences. The options available to traders include Evaluation Accounts, Express Plans, and Direct Accounts. Each of these models is characterized by unique trading rules and risk profiles.

Also, they provide valuable market news updates and don't impose a minimum trading day requirement, allowing flexibility. In terms of technical support, TickTick Trader integrates with Data Feed Providers and Trading Software. It supports renowned providers like Rithmic and Tradovate, along with esteemed trading platforms such as Bookmap, NinjaTrader, and the included Jigsaw DayTradr.

Another standout feature of TickTick Trader is its focus on secure and timely payouts. Their collaboration with Deel ensures this. Moreover, the payout policies for both Direct and TTTPerformance Accounts have been crafted to promote sound trading habits.

Feedback from users highlights the platform's broad offerings, state-of-the-art software, prompt payouts, efficient evaluation process, and commendable customer support, underscoring TickTick Trader's credibility in the prop trading domain.

Based in Romania, TickTick Trader stands as a notable prop trading firm, managed by seasoned professionals with deep expertise in the futures trading realm. Established with a mission to guide clients in unlocking their full trading potential, the company ensures that clients can pursue their trading aspirations without jeopardizing their personal funds.

Instead of restricting traders with limiting frameworks that can hinder progress, TickTick Trader equips them with an array of platforms, tools, and essential data. More than just a firm, TickTick Trader fosters a community of individuals sharing a mutual passion for trading. Their commitment is evident in their dedication to offering top-tier services.

By aligning their mission with the success of their clients, the company provides everything from up-to-date market insights to exemplary customer support. Through every phase, traders can count on the support of a competent team, reflecting TickTick Trader's unwavering commitment to quality and client success.

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4.4 stars

Tradeable Assets Futures

Profit Split 80%

Best For Comprehensive Education




  • Learning-centric platform
  • Comprehensive educational program
  • Ideal for new or enhancing futures traders
  • Unique evaluation process - "The Gauntlet"
  • Funded accounts for successful Gauntlet participants
  • Capital protection approach
  • Skill-building evaluations for long-term success
  • Promo: Coupon Code modestmoney for 20% off

Earn2Trade an educational trading platform, stands out as a bridge for traders to enhance their market expertise and demonstrate proficiency in futures trading. The platform provides traders with two prominent pathways for potential funding: the Trader Career Path and the Gauntlet Mini. Both pathways use a comprehensive virtual trading simulation to assess and refine a trader's capabilities.

For those traders who consistently meet their monthly commitments, excel during trading days, and successfully navigate the trading examination, opportunities arise. These high-performing traders can then collaborate with esteemed entities such as Helios Trading Partners or Appius Trading Limited to gain access to funded trading accounts.

Beyond the core funding pathways, Earn2Trade offers an extensive suite of resources tailored to boost a trader's acumen. These range from a foundational crash course for beginners to in-depth webinars and lessons. The platform's real-time trading simulator, complemented by news feeds, economic calendars, and advanced charting tools, ensures traders are well-equipped to stay ahead of market trends and dynamics.

Founded in 2016 by Ryan Masten, Earn2Trade began as a vision to cultivate skilled futures traders by providing them with valuable educational resources. It wasn't until 2018 that the company launched its online operations, and since then, it has solidified its position in the industry. Positioned as both a futures trading education firm and a provider of funded trader programs, Earn2Trade offers its services globally from its U.S. base.

The company's commitment to transparency and professionalism shines through in its operations. Notably, they provide an 80% profit split, a rate that is commendably high in the trading world. This commitment is further underlined by their well-structured Beginner Crash Course, a series of lessons and webinars curated by professionals who have cleared their National Futures Association examinations.

Transparency is a cornerstone of Earn2Trade's approach. Their website comprehensively details their offerings, ensuring there are no hidden catches. The firm also prioritizes open communication, maintaining an active social media presence where they engage directly with both existing and potential clients. With a reputation that has stood the test of time, Earn2Trade stands out as a reliable partner for traders aiming for success in the futures market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is proprietary trading legal?


Yes, proprietary trading is legal and plays a critical role in the financial markets. Proprietary trading firms, such as those mentioned in this article, use their capital to trade financial instruments in pursuit of profit. These firms often employ traders or provide funding to independent traders, sharing profits from successful trades.

Which prop firm is better than FTMO?


The choice of a prop firm over FTMO depends on the individual trader's needs and circ*mstances. For example, a trader interested in trading cryptocurrencies may find Bulenox more appealing than FTMO. Or, for traders seeking the highest possible profit split, Take Profit Trader may be a better choice. It's important to research and consider multiple firms before making a decision.

Are prop trading firms worth it?


For many traders, prop trading firms offer an invaluable opportunity. They provide access to significant capital, enabling traders to trade larger volumes and potentially earn substantial profits. However, the effectiveness of prop trading depends largely on the trader's skills, discipline, and risk management.

Do prop traders make money?


Yes, successful prop traders can make money. The amount varies depending on the trader's skill level, the firm's profit split agreement, and the trading strategy used. While profitable trading isn't guaranteed, many traders benefit from the capital provided by prop firms to enhance their earning potential.

How do I choose a prop trading firm?


Choosing a prop trading firm is a crucial decision that should take into account several factors. You'll want to consider the firm's profit split, its risk parameters, the evaluation process, and any additional benefits such as education resources or customer support. It's also wise to read reviews and testimonials from other traders to get an idea of the firm's reputation.

Can beginners succeed with prop trading firms?


Yes, beginners can succeed with prop trading firms, but it requires dedication, discipline, and continual learning. Many prop trading firms offer comprehensive educational resources to help beginners understand trading strategies and risk management. Some firms, such as Earn2Trade, even offer educational programs designed specifically for beginners.

What is the evaluation process for prop trading firms?


The evaluation process varies among prop trading firms, but generally, it involves a trial period where traders use a demo account to prove their trading skills and risk management abilities. The firms will evaluate the traders' performance during this period. If they meet the firm's criteria, they are offered a funded account to trade.

Is the registration fee refundable for prop trading firms?


This depends on the individual firm's policies. Some firms, such as TopStep and Earn2Trade, offer refundable registration fees under specific conditions. It's important to check the firm's terms and conditions or reach out to their customer support for accurate information.

What are the main risks associated with prop trading?


The main risks associated with prop trading include financial loss and breach of the firm's risk parameters. Since traders use the firm's capital, poor trading decisions can lead to significant losses. Additionally, if a trader breaches the firm's risk parameters, they may lose their trading account. Proper risk management and discipline are key to mitigating these risks.

Are there restrictions on trading styles with prop trading firms?


Different prop trading firms have different restrictions on trading styles. Some firms might limit scalping or high-frequency trading, while others may not. It's important to thoroughly read the firm's rules and regulations before starting the trading evaluation process.

Best Futures Prop Trading Firms 2024 (2024)


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