Book Review: Never Late, Never Away novel (2024)

"Never Late, Never Away" is a novel that tells the story of Vivian William and Finnick Norton. Vivian desperately needed to get married to stay in Sunshine City, and Finnick was also looking to get married due to his influential family pushing him to do so. When they meet at the marriage registry, Vivian agrees to marry Finnick, unaware that he is the richest bachelor in the city. While many people believe that Vivian has married a good catch, their relationship comes with complications. Despite Finnick's meek personality, their marriage faces challenges and ends in a shattered relationship.

Five years later, when they meet again, Finnick asks Vivian to get back together, but she believes it's too late. However, Finnick insists that "It's never too late when it comes to you." The novel explores the theme of falling in love with someone you've already committed to in marriage. Through the character development of Vivian and Finnick, the plot keeps the readers hooked.

The story raises questions about whether their relationship can become real and whether they can overcome the mistakes of their past. The novel combines elements of romance, drama, and financial convenience, making it an exciting read for fans of the genre.

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Have you ever heard of the saying, "it's never too late when it comes to love"? That is exactly the premise of the novel, Never Late Never Away by Contemporary. This beautifully written romance novel takes readers on a journey of love, heartbreak, and second chances.

The story follows Sophia and her former lover who reappears in her life after five years of being apart. As they navigate the complexities of their past and present relationships, readers are left on the edge of their seats, wondering if they will find their way back to each other.

In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the plot and characters of Never Late Never Away, and explore why it is such a captivating read.

Overview of the book

Never Late Never Away is a marriage for convenience novel that tells the story of Vivian and Finnick Norton. This novel starts with Vivian waiting for her groom at the marriage registry, but he never shows up. Her situation forces her to marry a crippled man out of desperation. Later she finds out that she has married the richest bachelor in Sunshine City- Finnick Norton of Finnick Group. However, their relationship comes with complications. This novel depicts the twists and turns of a love story that was not typical from the beginning.

Plot Summary

The narrative begins with Vivian and Finnick's first encounter during an interview. Finnick had seen Vivian three days prior on a blind date and was intrigued by her. When Vivian's intended husband fails to show up at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Finnick steps in and proposes they marry each other.

As they settle into their new life, Vivian grapples with the reality of being married to a billionaire and the implications it has on her life. She is seen purchasing simple wedding rings, unaware of Finnick's wealth at the time. The dynamics of their relationship evolve as they share their living space, with Finnick often providing comfort and assurance to Vivian.

Finnick, on the other hand, finds himself increasingly drawn to Vivian, despite initially marrying her to appease his grandfather. He begins to care for her deeply, even going as far as to investigate her past to understand her better.

The story also introduces other characters like Sarah, who seems to be a colleague of Vivian at Glamour Magazine, and Fabian, a new character in a position of authority at the magazine company.

The narrative explores the complexities of their relationship, their personal growth, and the unfolding events that shape their lives.

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Reason for reading the book

Readers might have different reasons for picking up the book "Never Late Never Away." Some may be intrigued by the genre of marriage for convenience, while others may be drawn in by the unique plot and character development. The novel offers a refreshing take on romance and relationships, where love doesn't always happen before marriage. It also aims to explore the intricacies and challenges of being in a fake marriage.

Overall, "Never Late Never Away" is a book worth reading, especially for those looking for an unconventional romance story.

Importance of the genre

Marriage for convenience novels have become increasingly popular among readers due to their unique portrayal of love and relationships. These stories provide a different perspective on falling in love, showing that it does not always happen during or after the marriage, but can also develop as couples navigate their complicated relationships. The genre allows readers to explore the dynamics of relationships, the importance of communication, and the consequences of decisions made in love and life. It offers a fresh take on the classic love story and provides readers with a chance to reflect on their own experiences.

Vivian's situation

Vivian's situation in "Never Late Never Away" starts with her waiting at the marriage registry for her groom, who never appears. As she desperately needs the marriage to stay in Sunshine City and have financial convenience, a crippled man approaches her and asks her to marry him. Caught in her miserable situation, Vivian is tempted by the offer and agrees. Once married, she discovers that she has married the richest bachelor in Sunshine City, Finnick Norton, which brings a lot of complications to their relationship. Will their marriage become real? Read "Never Late Never Away" to find out.

Vivian's marriage to Finnick Norton

Vian's marriage to Finnick Norton in Never Late Never Away showed the complexities that come with marrying for convenience. While the union brought financial convenience, it did not guarantee a real relationship. Finnick's character was intriguing, as he was not the typical prideful male lead. He knew when to use his money and influence to his advantage. Vivian's character development was gradual, and her rise from a weak to a strong female lead added spice to the plot. The book also showed the importance of falling in love with someone you have already committed yourself to in marriage, creating a romantic twist in the genre.

Relationship complications

Throughout the book, Never Late Never Away, the relationship between Vivian and Finnick Norton becomes complicated. Their marriage for convenience leads to miscommunication and issues that arise when their feelings for each other start to develop. Vivian struggles with accepting Finnick's feelings, while Finnick fails to adequately express his emotions.

Their financial differences also cause tension in their relationship. Additionally, the interference of outsiders further complicates their relationship, causing misunderstandings and further hindering their ability to communicate effectively. The relationship complications in Never Late Never Away make for an intriguing and relatable read.

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Finnick Norton's character

Fick Norton's character in Never Late Never Away is not the typical high and mighty, prideful rich male lead in a romance story. He is introduced as a cripple man in the beginning chapters who is in dire need to get married since his influential family is pushing him to. Finnick is portrayed as meek and knows when to flaunt his influential family name and when to use money to his advantage.

Interestingly, the author presents Finnick's character development through his failed relationship with Vivian, showcasing his flaws and shortcomings. Despite Finnick's wealth and status, his character is portrayed as relatable and realistic, making the story more engaging.

Vivian's character development

Vivian's character development in the Never Late Never Away novel is gradual yet significant. In the beginning, she is portrayed as a weak character, caught in a miserable situation, and marrying a man for convenience. However, as the plot progresses, the readers witness her improving and rising above her circ*mstances.

She becomes firm, resilient, and determined to make her marriage work, despite the complications that come with it. Vivian's transformation adds spice to the plot and makes her worth reading. Furthermore, the author aptly portrays her as suited for the story's plot, making readers eager to see her rise.

Reader reviews

Many readers have shared their thoughts on Never Late Never Away novel. Most of them are thrilled with the story's interesting plot twists, character development, and how it keeps them on their toes. The book has minimal grammar and punctuation errors, making it a comfortable read for many.

However, some readers find it a regular standard storyline, but overall, it's an enjoyable read. Many readers are looking forward to seeing the book made into a movie or a series. Overall, the book has received positive feedback from readers who love the romance genre and recommend it to others.

Strong and weak points of the book

One the strong points of Never Late Never Away is its unique plot. The marriage for convenience genre is not often explored, making this novel an interesting read for those seeking something different. The gradual character development of Vivian is another plus, making readers invested in her journey. However, the book has its weak points as well.

Some readers may find the pacing slow, and certain plot points could have been developed further. Additionally, while the concept of falling in love with someone you're already married to is intriguing, it may not appeal to everyone's romantic tastes. Overall, Never Late Never Away offers a unique perspective on love and marriage.

Hot Dialogues

·The Unexpected Revelation: "Damn! The president of Finnor Group is allowing us to publish his photo? Looks like we're going to be famous!" This exclamation, found on page 41, captures the excitement and surprise of the characters upon discovering the unexpected openness of the enigmatic president of Finnor Group, Finnick Norton.

·The Shocking Discovery: "Oh my god, the president of Finnor Group... He's actually sitting in a wheelchair?" This line from page 70 encapsulates the shock and disbelief of the characters when they first encounter Finnick Norton, a powerful figure who defies their preconceived notions.

·The Bitter Proposal: On page 36, Fabian, a character from Vivian's past, bitterly proposes, "Since you're willing to sell anything for money, why don't you be my mistress?" This dialogue reveals the tension and unresolved issues between the two characters, adding a layer of complexity to their relationship.

·The Strategic Decision: Finnick's pragmatic approach to business is highlighted on page 14, where he says, "Regarding the Q City project, I think we should just cancel it. The other party doesn't seem to be very keen about the project." This dialogue showcases Finnick's decisive nature and his ability to make tough decisions.

·The Intimate Exchange: A tender moment between Vivian and Finnick is captured on page 47. "You're done?" Finnick questioned when he sensed her settling down. He did not even look away from his screen. "Yeah." She eyed his screen inquisitively. "Shall we sleep?" The man's head abruptly tilted slightly, so that he could glance at her from the corner of his eyes. "Sure." This exchange reveals the growing intimacy and understanding between the two main characters.

These dialogues, brimming with emotion, tension, and revelation, provide readers with a tantalizing glimpse into the complex relationships and intriguing personalities that populate "Never Late, Never Away."

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Realism in the plot

·The plot in Never Late Never Away feels real and relatable because it deals with issues that happen in real life marriages.

·The characters are flawed and capable of making mistakes, just like real people.

·Vivian's situation of needing to marry for financial stability is a common reality for many people.

·The complications in Vivian and Finnick's relationship, such as mistrust and misunderstandings, are also common issues in real-life marriages.

·The realistic portrayal of these issues make the plot more engaging and easier for readers to connect with.

Overall impression of the book

Overall, Never Late Never Away is a compelling read that keeps the readers glued to their seats with its plot twists and turns. The characters are well-developed and relatable, making it easy for readers to root for them. The realistic portrayal of relationships and their complexities is a strong point of the book, making it a must-read for fans of romance and drama genres.

Although the story may follow the usual storyline of a marriage for convenience, the author manages to make it unique and intriguing with their writing style. With minimal grammar and punctuation errors, the book is an enjoyable read that leaves a lasting impression on its readers.

Final thoughts on the genre

In conclusion, the marriage for convenience genre, as seen in the book Never Late Never Away, offers a unique and intriguing twist to the traditional romance novel. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, the idea of falling in love with someone you are already committed to in marriage adds depth and complexity to the plot.

The development of Vivian's character from a weak to a strong female lead is a refreshing change, and the realism in the plot is commendable. Overall, for readers looking for a new take on the romance genre, Never Late Never Away is worth giving a shot.

Recommendation for other readers.

To those who are fans of the romance genre and marriage for convenience stories, Never Late Never Away is definitely worth checking out. With its compelling plot, gradual character development, and realistic portrayal of relationships, readers will surely be entertained and invested in the story until the very end.

Though there are some weak points in the book, such as the occasional predictable plot twists, the overall impression of the novel is positive. It's a great recommendation for readers seeking a realistic romance novel with a hint of drama.


Q: What is Never Late Never Away about?

A: Never Late Never Away is a marriage-for-convenience novel that tells the story of Vivian, who agrees to marry a crippled man she meets at the marriage registry in order to secure her future. She later finds out he is the richest bachelor in Sunshine City and must navigate complications in their relationship.

Q: Who are the main characters of Never Late Never Away?

A: The main protagonists are Vivian and Finnick Norton. Finnick is the male lead and is a meek, influential man from a wealthy family who needs to get married. Vivian is a weak-to-strong female lead who undergoes character development throughout the story.

Q: What are the strong and weak points of the book?

A: The book's strong points include its gradual character development, plot twists, and the realism in the plot. Weak points include its average storyline and slower pacing in some parts.

Q: Would you recommend Never Late Never Away to other readers?

A: Overall, the book is worth reading for those who enjoy the marriage-for-convenience genre. The plot is realistic and interesting, and the characters are well-developed. If you enjoy this type of novel, then this book is definitely worth checking out.

Book Review: Never Late, Never Away novel (2024)


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