Fs22 Potato Greenhouse Mod For Farming Simulator 22 - Farm (2024)

A gaming variant is the fs22 potato greenhouse. In this agricultural simulation game, you can raise livestock, tend to your garden, and purchase or fix FS19/FS22 vehicle upgrades. But what if you want to make Farming Simulator 22 better and there aren’t enough features for it? You may download free Farming Simulator 22 mods by browsing the categories of mods for Farming Simulator 2022.

This post focuses on the cultivation of fs22 potato greenhouse. You will learn how to produce potatoes, what machines you need to harvest these plants, and how to use potatoes.

What Is The Farming Simulator 22 Modes Used For?

The PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 5 versions of the game fs22 potato greenhouse are compatible with mods. The FS22 game uses the FS22 Mod extension file. Why then would you require Farming Simulator 22 mods? For instance, you can be tired of the game’s basic design or wish to test out new automobiles like tractors or combines that the game doesn’t support. Therefore, the makers of Farming Simulator 22 decided to support mods that let players make their own FS22 maps, trucks, vehicles, and any other game object.

So that you can customize the game and make your own version, download Farming Simulator 22 Mods. For PC, Mac, Xbox, or PlayStation 5, you can find the Top FS22 mods and Best FS22 mods below.

Get started right away by selecting the LS22 mods category, downloading any Farming Simulator 2022 mod you choose, and installing it in FS 22. The Farming Simulator 22 mods are completely free to download, which is another crucial factor.

About Fs22 Potato Greenhouse:

The potato is the center of attention during potato processing, which makes growing potatoes a wonderful experience. Your potatoes will be processed along with a variety of farm goods to create new potato-based products. There are new fs22 potato greenhouses in addition to the main production facility, along with placeable points of sale.


A corrupt collider that was causing issues with the forklift’s ability to move pallets of cucumber, onion, and pepper has been rectified.

The supermarket was not accidentally given products that could be processed further inside the Potato Processing facility.

Changes To Gameplay:

Cornflour, Premium Potatoes, and Vegetable Fat are no longer allowed to be sold in the supermarket:

  • In the greenhouse, pepper output has accelerated.
  • A few recipes have undergone slight modification.
  • Some products’ sale prices have been changed.
  • More products are now accepted at farmer wholesale.

Potato Processing:

A movable manufacturing structure for processing potatoes and other agricultural goods.


Huge and medium-sized greenhouses that grow lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and peppers.

Farmer Wholesale:

A placeable selling point where agricultural goods, such as those based on potatoes, can be sold directly to consumers.


  • A movable structure that generates income every hour by selling goods to customers directly.
  • Compared to selling directly, the profit is around 30% larger. The selling volume each day is however restricted.
  • Each product has a 4000-liter storage capacity.

Manufacturable Products:

  • Premium potatoes
  • Food starch
  • Vegetable fat
  • French fries
  • Potato gratin
  • Fried potatoes
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Potato soup
  • Pepper chips
  • Potato pancakes
  • Potato salad
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Cucumbers

Information & Tips:

Products must have their manufacturing output set to “distribute” in order to be processed further within the potato processing line without pallets being ejected. The supermarket generates revenue every hour but only has a small amount of storage capacity (4000 liters) for each product. Since the supermarket is a production, the manufacturing line must be turned on once before the products in storage may be sold.

What Do You Need?

Although potatoes are root plants, they differ slightly from one another and share a lot of characteristics.

  • When cultivating both vegetables, a medium or big tractor is ideal, however, a cultivator will do. A powerful tractor will be helpful for dealing with harvesters that are hooked to the tractor, though.
  • Use a disc or mechanical harrow in place of a cultivator or plow, respectively. Also, use subsoilers or spaders in place of a plow. The yield will rise with plow work.
  • Potatoes can be sown with a standard seeder. However, you will need a special seeder (which you may fill with harvested potatoes) and specific potato harvesters if you want to plant potatoes. Both facilities include separate self-propelled machinery, but they also have a variety of sets that can be mounted to tractors.
  • Shearer: You must remove the leaves before harvesting. Shearers come with self-propelled combines. There is nothing that prevents you from simultaneously operating a tractor or a harvester. Shearers for potatoes cannot be used alternately.
  • Both plants produce extremely high yields, up to 100,000 liters or more, in a large caravan.
  • twice fertilize the field,
  • After planting, quickly roll the earth.
  • Before cultivating or plowing, make mulch.
  • Keep the weeds from growing,
  • Do not harvest in the rain,
  • Plowing improves the yield by 15%.

Crop Categories:

  • Grain Crops: Oat, Sorghum, Wheat
  • Fruit & Veg: Lettuce, Strawberry, Tomato
  • Kharif Crops: Corn, Cotton, Soybean
  • Oil Crops: Canola, Sunflower
  • Root Crops: Potato, Sugarbeet

Storage Capacities:

  • Small greenhouse: 25.000L for each crop
  • Medium greenhouse: 50.000L for each crop
  • Large greenhouse: 100.000L for each crop
  • Grape & Olive Orchard: 100.000L each
  • Production Shed: 100.000L each

To Maximize Profits:

These plants cannot be maintained in a silo. It makes sense to place things on the ground or under a carport, then collect them using a belt system that automatically takes items off the ground and packs them onto trailers.


Description Of Works:

Potatoes are processing with only with the aid of specific seeders. Use past-crop potatoes to fill them. You can conserve seeds in this way.

  • Wait for the potatoes to grow after planting them so that a new status with the word “Remove foliage” appears on the map. Do not harvest potatoes until their top growth is visible above the ground.
  • Utilise specialized shearers from the Potato Technology subcategory to trim the foliage. They are attached to the tractor’s front, and one of the harvesters is optionally attached to the tractor’s back. The shearer, however, covers a larger area, thus the workers will struggle to complete this operation effectively.
  • A self-propelled harvester operates well and fast. It has a separate shearer as well. The negative is? The cost is about €410,000. There is no other job for which this harvester is suitable.
  • Due to the conveyor belt’s restricted vertical maneuverability, low trailers need to unload both types of harvesters. The possibility to connect the trailers is really useful in this situation. Long semi-trailers are an alternative. Additionally, a potato auger trailer is available in the shop. In either case, you’ll require a large capacity.

Nearly 80,000 l/hectare of potatoes are produced.


Potatoes are just not only used for sale but they are also used for fig food. Despite being ineffective, one harvest will provide you with enough food to endure for several years.


As we said earlier, there are five different crop categories that can be grown in multi-crop greenhouses. While greenhouses can grow crops with just water, they grow more quickly and yield more when you add seed, lime, and solid or dung fertilizer. I thus hope you are clear on everything regarding the FS22 potato greenhouse.

Fs22 Potato Greenhouse Mod For Farming Simulator 22 - Farm (2024)


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