Mac Os Sonoma Review (2023)

1. macOS 14 Sonoma: The Ars Technica review

  • 10 hours ago · So macOS Sonoma is a perfectly typical macOS release, a sort of "Ventura-plus" that probably has one or two additions that any given person will ...

  • If at first you don't create usable desktop widgets, try, try again.

2. macOS Sonoma: The MacStories Review

  • 12 hours ago · The book is fully interactive with all the images, videos, and links you'll find on MacStories, and it looks great in Apple's Books app. The ...

  • In one sense, the story of this year’s macOS update is that there is no story, but that’s not exactly right. Instead, it’s a bunch of stories. It’s the tail end of the realignment of macOS with Apple’s other OSes that began with macOS Catalina in 2019. However, Sonoma is also part of a work-at-home

3. Apple macOS Sonoma Preview - PCMag

  • Sonoma, even in its first public outing, is fast, reliable, and efficient, but you shouldn't risk upgrading your existing macOS system to a beta that may ...

  • Apple’s macOS Sonoma beta includes spectacular videoconferencing improvements, desktop widgets, a new Game Mode, shared passwords, and much more. The final version will be released on September 26.

4. macOS Sonoma review: Welcome upgrades - Tom's Guide

  • 19 hours ago · Apple's new macOS Sonoma update delivers minor but helpful new features that make your Mac better, including desktop Widgets, Safari profiles, an upgraded Game ...

  • This helpful update adds a smorgasbord of small but useful new features

5. macOS Sonoma review: Some new features, some old bugs

  • 1 day ago · It's not as impressive an update as Big Sur or High Sierra update. macOS Sonoma is light on features, and it doesn't fix many old bugs. Skip To ...

  • Not a Big Sur and not a High Sierra update, macOS Sonoma is light on features, while not fixing old bugs. Here's our review of this system.

6. macOS Sonoma public beta review: more than just screensavers

  • Jul 12, 2023 · It's decent enough and works best for websites you're going to use like apps, such as Pinterest or games. It's less useful for websites that you ...

  • Apple’s latest desktop operating system, macOS Sonoma, has just launched into public beta. Should you install it on your Mac? Our hands-on review dives in.

7. macOS Sonoma Review: Small moves - Six Colors

8. Hands-on: macOS 14 Sonoma beta is packed with minor yet worthwhile ...

  • Jul 18, 2023 · Fantastic new video conferencing features · Useful Safari features for organization and security · Widgets finally on desktop · Notes can now link ...

  • Though don’t expect any mind-blowing upgrades here

9. macOS Sonoma beta review: Few major updates, but very welcome

  • Jun 12, 2023 · In its initial beta version, the new macOS Sonoma only presents a few significant features — such as Presenter Overlay, and desktop widgets ...

  • In its initial beta version, the new macOS Sonoma only presents a few significant features — such as Presenter Overlay, and desktop widgets — but they're well done and they will make you want to update.

10. macOS Sonoma review: Top new features ranked - iMore

  • 9 hours ago · macOS Sonoma is a series of small upgrades that coalesce nicely but don't offer any headline features that'll draw a great deal of excitement.

  • Is it better than Ventura?

11. macOS 14 Sonoma Review: Subtle But Exciting Update - Macgasm

  • Jul 21, 2023 · macOS 14 Sonoma: Review Verdict ... macOS 14 Sonoma isn't a game-changer or a massive overhaul of your Mac's ecosystem. It stands as a more subtle ...

  • Dive into our macOS 14 Sonoma review to explore its features, installation process, and compatibility with Intel and Apple silicon Macs.

12. MacOS Sonoma is a big disappointment - except for one ...

  • Jun 12, 2023 · MacOS Sonoma is a big disappointment - except for one excellent feature ... At WWDC 2023, Apple debuted a whole bunch of new hardware and software ...

  • Opinion: Mac don’t impress me much

13. macOS 14 Sonoma: the Ars Technica review - OSnews

  • 7 hours ago · So macOS Sonoma is a perfectly typical macOS release, a sort of “Ventura-plus” that probably has one or two additions that any given person ...

  •  Home > macOS > macOS 14 Sonoma: the Ars Technica review

14. First Look: macOS Sonoma Public Beta - Six Colors

  • Jul 12, 2023 · macOS Sonoma, out in public beta now and due to be released this fall, is an update that feels small in all the best ways.

  • macOS Sonoma, out in public beta now and due to be released this fall, is an update that feels small in all the best ways. Even in early development, I’ve managed to use it on my main Mac wit…

15. Digging for the Most Interesting macOS Sonoma Updates

  • Jun 9, 2023 · macOS Sonoma comes complete with its own screen-saver drone footage which appears to have been shot specifically for the Mac (there were no ...

  • There was a delicate balance on display at WWDC this year. Apple needed to launch several new - and long-awaited - Macs, refresh all of its operating systems, and introduce a brand-new product category and form of computing. In two hours. Hands up if you’d like that

16. The Mac sure is starting to look like the iPhone - The Verge

  • Jul 12, 2023 · macOS Sonoma's public beta is now available for download, and it brings new widgets to the desktop, video conferencing features, ...

  • You could convince me that macOS Sonoma was iOS.

17. macOS Sonoma Beta Review: The Future of Mac Unveiled - Eightify

  • The stability and performance of the macOS Sonoma beta, even in its early stages, are surprisingly impressive, hinting at a faster and better Mac experience ...

  • Summaries Technology and Gadgets macOS Sonoma Beta Review: The Future of Mac Unveiled

18. macOS Sonoma Preview - Apple

  • With macOS Sonoma, work and play on your Mac are even more powerful. Elevate your presence on video calls. Access information in all-new ways.

  • macOS Sonoma brings stunning screen savers, desktop widgets, new ways to share work and web apps along with fun personalization tools and Game mode.

19. macOS Sonoma Reviews - 2023

  • MacOS Sonoma makes it easier to work and play on your Mac. Enhance your presence during video calls. Access information in new ways. Boost your gaming ...

  • macOS Sonoma user reviews from verified software and service customers. Explore ratings, reviews, pricing, features, and integrations offered by the Operating Systems product, macOS Sonoma.

20. macOS Sonoma Beta Test Finals - Medium

  • 3 days ago · Yeah, that color palette looks muddy and eek. I mean doesn't harmonize that well. I would feel sick seeing this wallpaper every day but macOS ...

  • My honest review of macOS Sonoma after the last Beta update.

21. macOS 14 Sonoma superguide: Everything you need to know

  • 10 hours ago · The next version of macOS, Sonoma, named after the Californian wine region, is now available. Among the new features coming to Macs in ...

  • macOS Sonoma's is out now! Here's everything you need to know about the new features and what's coming in future updates.

22. What's new in macOS Sonoma? - MacPaw

  • Jul 13, 2023 · macOS Sonoma review · Screensavers · Widgets · Video conferencing · Safari · Passwords and security · Messages · Notes and PDFs · Autocorrect.

  • macOS Sonoma, named after the famous wine region in California, is the latest version of macOS, due for release in fall 2023. Like most annual updates of macOS, it’s not a huge overhaul but a series of improvements and enhancements that should make macOS look better, work more quickly, and do more. Let’s take a look at all the new features in Sonoma.

23. The best macOS 14 Sonoma features headed to your Mac - Stuff

  • In the macOS 14 Sonoma, you can expect many fresh features for video conferencing, be it via FaceTime or a third-party tool such as Zoom. One such addition is ...

  • Say goodbye to Ventura and hello to Sonoma. The macOS 14 Sonoma update coming this fall offers various new features, including these.

24. What's new in MacOS Sonoma? Here's everything you need to know

  • Sep 14, 2023 · The biggest change you'll find in Sonoma is widgets. Very much like iOS, you will now be able to add widgets to your MacOS desktop. These ...

  • Finally, Apple releases details on what will be included in MacOS Sonoma -- and the list is quite lengthy. Here's a rundown of the more important features that will affect most users.

25. Live review of macOS 14 Sonoma. Everything is the same, but in a ...

  • 10 hours ago · macOS Ventura will forever include the 2017 MacBook Pro, 2015 Mac mini, and 2017 iMac. We're talking about the model year of the specific ...

  • Apple has just released its annual update to everyone – macOS 14

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