Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 10 (2024)

There is still that face in the memory, but compared to the youthful and delicate appearance of the school days, the edges and corners are more distinct, and the brows are also a little more stable and breathable.

It’s just that that face, there is already a gentleness that she missed, and there is only indifference.

He was listening to the reports from his subordinates, nodding his head from time to time, and simply issuing a few instructions.

And his gaze, never expected to see her on the side, walked into the editor-in-chief’s office so straight, surrounded by everyone.

Su Kexin’s face paled a bit.

Gu Yihan, why did he come back, and why…

He walked so resolutely back then that he didn’t even say goodbye. Why is he coming back now?

For two full years, she was more or less relieved, but she didn’t want him to appear, but it was like a raging tide that knocked her down at once.

She just passed by, she was not sure at all, whether he recognized the other person at a glance, just like herself.

Thinking of this, Su Kexin suddenly curled her lips mockingly.

How about recognizing, how about not recognizing?

He and her are destined to be unable to go back…

The next day, Su Kexin was always anxious, she was very afraid that Gu Yihan would recognize herself.

But the facts proved that she seemed to be passionate.

When Gu Yihan took office, he immediately held a few meetings on the positioning of personnel and magazines and made some adjustments.

At the meeting, he had always just listened intently to the reports from the editor-in-chief, and occasionally simply gave some instructions. From the beginning to the end, he seemed to notice Su Kexin at the end of the conference table.

It seems that he has forgotten her.

Think about it too, if she is worth remembering, he would not leave without saying goodbye two years ago, and there would be no news.

After finally getting off work, Su Kexin didn’t want to stay in the office for a second, so she immediately picked up her bag and wanted to leave.

I don’t want to. At this time, she had the editor-in-chief suddenly stopped her.

“Wait, Su Kexin, you help me send this report to Editor-in-Chief Gu, and report it by the way.”

Su Kexin froze suddenly, and turned around embarrassedly, “Editor-in-chief, the urgent matter of my family today, can you…”

The editor-in-chief Jiang Lili was in a bad mood today because her performance in the meeting was not as good as the editor-in-chief of the next-door group. At this time, she heard Su Kexin’s refusal and her face suddenly collapsed, “Su Kexin, did you do a popular interview? Your own wings are hard?”

Jiang Lili had been speaking so straight, Su Kexin’s face turned pale, so she couldn’t say more, so she had to say, “Don’t be kidding the editor, I will go now.”

Taking the materials and walking to the door of Gu Yihan’s office, Su Kexin took a lot of deep breaths before finally raising his hand.

Boom boom boom.

Just knocking on the door seemed to have exhausted her strength.

“Come in.”

Gu Yihan was familiar with a voice inside the door and remembered, Su Kexin pushed the door in.

Gu Yihan’s office. Although Gu Chi has a luxurious style, it is also exquisitely decorated. He sits behind the table and flips through it. It is this interview with Gu Chi You magazine.

“Editor-in-chief Gu.” Su Kexin said, trying to make himself sound and sounded very stable. “As for this interview with President Chi Yao, Editor-in-Chief Jiang asked me to make a brief report with you.”

Gu Yihan didn’t raise his head, but with an “um” sound, Su Kexin had to bite the bullet and start making a report.

After finishing the report, Gu Yihan was still unresponsive, but Su Kexin couldn’t bear it anymore.

“That…” She tried to suppress the faint tremor in her voice, “Editor-in-Chief, if you have nothing to do, I will leave first.”

After speaking, she quickly turned around and wanted to go out.

But when she covered the doorknob with her hand, she suddenly grasped her with a strong hand.

The man’s eyes are narrow and narrow, on her ring finger and ring, “Are you married?”

Su Kexin had the courage to see that he had eyes, but he just turned his face away and nodded.

Gu Yihan stared at her with a ring, his eyes were full of emotions.

Suddenly, the corners of his mouth raised a sneer in an arc.

“Su Kexin, I’ve been doing it for a long time. You can only buy you such an ordinary ring with diamonds if you have a thousand choices of men?” Thinking of what, his eyes showed obvious disgust. “But also, a If you sell yourself to have a woman for money, I am afraid that a man will be able to deceive him with a little money.”

Su Kexin looked pale as if struck by lightning.

“You…you know something happened two years ago?” Su Kexin said with a trembling lips.

“Hey.” Seeing Su Kexin’s first reaction was not to deny it. Gu Yihan felt a dull pain in his heart because he had no reason.

He squeezed Su Kexin’s wrist and hand harder, and his voice became colder, “Yes, I know, and I knew it two years ago. Su Kexin, I really should thank you. It’s because I know I love it.” It took three years and three years to dote on a woman. It was so sordid and attractive that I finally made up my mind to study in the United States.”

The last trace of blood on Su Kexin’s face faded.

It has been two whole years… She has thought about it more than once. Two years ago, when she was most vulnerable and most in need, Gu Yihan sometimes, why he suddenly went abroad to study.

And now, she finally knew.

It turned out to be because of that.

But she also found it strange. Two years ago, Gu Yihan had obviously left the country before the incident went up. Could it be that he knew about it before the incident went up?

But how is it possible…

But now it is obviously not to pursue these. Sometimes, Su Kexin was pinched and pale, but he still struggled and said, “Gu Yihan, something happened two years ago was a misunderstanding, in fact, I–“

Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 10 (2024)


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