Never Late, Never Away Chapter 515 - (2024)

Willed, Vivian raised her head and lifted her chin, staring square into Finnick’s eyes. “What do you want?” she questioned coolly.

Seeing Vivian’s defense and indifference towards himself, Finnick felt a pang in his heart. He saw her leaving the stage just now the moment the auction ended and hurried towards her to catch up. Never did he expect her to react as if she saw something disgusting emerging from the sewers.

Finnick took two steps forward, backing Vivian towards the wall behind her. With visible anger behind his eyes, he interrogated Vivian, “Why did you give up our wedding ring for the auction?”

Despite her anger, Vivian almost laughed.How dare he?What? Did he expect me to keep the ring“till death do us part?”Why should I when we’re no longer married?

“Because I feel like it,” mocked Vivian, twisting her body away from Finnick, wanting to get out of this situation.

However, Finnick was not going to let her go so easily. He shoved her towards the wall, pressing both of his palms by her side, locking her in that position.

“Feel like it?” Finnick sneered, a dry laugh escaping his lips. “Did you also feel like leaving me when you did all those years ago? Without a single word too, mind you. Have you ever considered how I would feel, Vivian Will—no—Morrison? Huh?”

“Excuse me?” Vivian snapped in disbelief, her anger flared up once more.Is he saying that I’m the bad guy?How dare he twist the story!

The gap between the two closed as Vivian straightened her spine, locking her gaze with Finnick’s. Finnick could feel her hot breath on his skin with every word she spat out. Towering above her, he could see clearly the slight increase in her height, fueled by rage. He was supposed to be furious. He had intended to confront her, find out the reason why she left him. Seeing her like this, however, he felt a wave of mixed emotions hit him.

Speechless, Finnick continued glaring at her. Five years. For five long years, he had not seen this face. This face that he fell in love with—the one that had him smitten.

Finnick’s gaze traveled down her face. Eyes, nose, lips— features he had once kissed and caressed looked so familiar, yet so foreign. The Vivian he knew would never put on such bold makeup. Even so, one thought rang clear amidst the rest.This is the woman I love. It doesn’t matter howmuchshe’s changed, or how different she looks, she’s mine to hold forever and always.

Finnick’s heart ached as his eyes began to glaze. With a step forward, Finnick planted a passionate kiss on her lips, no longer able to suppress his longing for her.

Shocked, Vivian froze, but after a second, she regained her composure and shoved Finnick away from herself. Uncaring that she might smudge her makeup, Vivian wiped her lips harshly with the back of her hand and hollered at Finnick, “What do you think you’re doing?”

The two of them had not seen each other for five years. Moreover, they’re divorced—no longer husband and wife. Ashamed, Finnick stepped back, knowing he had overstepped the boundary. But seeing the one who had stolen his heart standing in front of him in person— knowing that the image was no longer a figment of his imagination, how could he not pull her into a deep embrace?

“Vivian, I…” Finnick softened his tone and relaxed his posture. He took another step towards Vivian, only to see her body stiffened and her guard raised.

Lowering his gaze, his eyes flickered across her tightly clenched fists. A wave of sorrow washed over him.Does she really hate me that much?All these years… I’ve been a lovesick fool, and she has never been far from my thoughts. What about her? Did I ever cross her mind? Even once?

Swallowing the pain he felt in his heart, Finnick gathered his courage and asked the question he had pondered over for the past five years. “Why did you divorce me, Vivian? Why did you run away without any warning?” Finnick asked as he felt the old wounds reopening.

Seeing the anguish on Finnick’s face, Vivian’s lips curled up into a sneer.This man sure deserves an Oscar for this act he’s putting on.Nevertheless, her heart clenched in sorrow. Despite everything, they had once been helplessly in love with each other, sharing so many lovely memories together.Yet, he still tries to pretend as though he had done absolutely nothing!

Where was he when Noah ordered them to strap me onto the operating table, forcing me to undergo an abortion? Oh, that’s right, making love with his dear Evelyn Morrison without a care in the world…All the painful memories resurfaced in her mind, chipping away the pieces of her heart she thought had healed. The sneer turned into a bitter smile.Looks like I never did forget those moments, even after so long. It’s as if it all happened just yesterday.

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 515 - (2024)


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