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Popular Filters to find the Perfect Home Rental in Oceanside

Spend Your Vacations Oceanside With a Vacation Rental

Oceanside is the beach and city combo you have been waiting for. Located on the California Coast, this small but vibrant city has a lot to offer travelers: great culture, nightlife and food, sightseeing opportunities, and of course, pristine sandy beaches. Most comfortable vacation houses are ideally located near the ocean, but you never have far to go to be near the coast.

Vacation rentals and apartments with air conditioning

Keep cool during your trip to Oceanside and book a vacation rental with air conditioning.

Apartments and vacation rentals with a kitchen

Cook up a feast on your next vacation and book a Oceanside rental with full kitchen.

Vacation rentals with Wi-Fi

Stay connected while traveling and book a Oceanside accommodation with high-speed internet.

Best Vacation Home Deals in Oceanside

Save up to 42%

Find a rental meeting your expectations among the 814 unique vacation rentals from 15 providers in Oceanside. HomeToGo instantaneously highlights the best offers by comparing all of the listed vacation homes in Oceanside from 15 different providers.

Recommended Vacation Rentals in Oceanside

Find your perfect vacation rental in Oceanside: from $100 per night

Budget-friendly Vacation Rentals in Oceanside

Find Fantastic yet Inexpensive Offers

Top-Rated Rentals and Accommodations in Oceanside

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Popular Rental Amenities in Oceanside

Our search page's filters will help you find the ideal property in Oceanside. You can easily find a property meeting your needs in Oceanside if you travel with your pet or you want a rental with a pool, as most accommodations provide "Pets allowed" or "Pool." Not as many vacation rentals in Oceanside are available if you plan to go fishing or if you need a crib for your baby as "Crib" and "Fishing" are not very popular amenities in this destination.

Oceanfront Vacation Rentals in Oceanside

Want to find an incredible beachfront rental in Oceanside?

Try out the 'distance to water' filter while searching and find the best beach houses for your vacation. You can choose from a range of vacation rentals in Oceanside that are within walking distance from the beach. From dog-friendly homes by the beach to waterfront rentals with jacuzzis, the dream accommodation in Oceanside awaits - discover it now through HomeToGo.

Oceanside, CA Vacation Rentals from $100 | Hometogo (32)

The Weather in Oceanside

- Rainy days

Check out the climate diagram for Oceanside. September is the warmest month in Oceanside with average maximum temperatures of 81°. Conversely, January is the coolest month in Oceanside, with temperatures going under 41° The rainiest month is December while the driest month is August.

7-Day Weather Forecast in Oceanside

Tue, 11 Jun



Wed, 12 Jun



Thu, 13 Jun



Fri, 14 Jun



Sat, 15 Jun



Sun, 16 Jun



Mon, 17 Jun



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Accommodations for your vacation in Oceanside

Users who are hoping to find house rental in Oceanside have many different options, as they are the most frequent vacation accommodation type there. In addition, house rental there have an average price of $702 a night and a median size of 205 m². Moreover, house rental are a great choice for large groups, as most can accommodate 8 guests. Condo are the other most frequent type of accommodation in Oceanside. These accommodations cost $551 per night on average and have an average size of 137 m².

Where to find the best food in Oceanside?

The Best Restaurants in Oceanside

You'll find an impressive array of restaurants a short distance from any Oceanside beach rental home.

1. Rockin' Baja Lobster: This restaurant serves up fresh, unique seafood from the grill and offers a family-friendly atmosphere.

2. Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub: As the name suggests, this popular haunt specializes in creative seafood dishes and is one of the top-rated eateries in Oceanside.

3. Oceanside Broiler: For more classic seafood staples complemented by live music, it's hard to beat this friendly waterfront establishment.

4. Hello Betty Fish House: If you love SoCal favorites such as fish tacos or pale ale, then be sure to pay this seafood restaurant a visit.

5. Panca Peruvian Cuisine and Rotisserie: For something a bit different, try the sensational modern Peruvian cuisine at this exception and cozy eatery.

6. Miss Kim's: If you love Southern hospitality and old-fashioned BBQ favorites like pulled pork sandwiches, don't miss Miss Kim's!

7. Harbor Fish & Chips: This family-owned establishment serves up delicious fish and chips. Sit outside and enjoy fantastic views of Oceanside's harbor.

8. Beach Break Cafe: If you're a morning person, try one of Oceanside's best breakfast and brunch menus at Beach Break Cafe.

9. 19Ten Oceanside: This sports bar has been renovated and now boasts an outstanding selection of contemporary co*cktails as well as small plates.

10. The Flying Pig: If you love craft beer and homemade pasta, check out this unpretentious pub that is bound to impress.

Where are the unique attractions in Oceanside?

The Best Beaches In and Around Oceanside

Pier View South, Oceanside's most popular beach, offers a great combination of beautiful views, entertaining events at its amphitheater, and buzzing bars and cafes. For a quieter option, head past the pier to Pier View North to enjoy wide sandy beaches great for families. Breakwater Bay is the place for an Oceanside beach house rental if you're looking for good waves, although surfers also enjoy consistent waves and the occasional challenging break at Harbor Beach, Oceanside's largest beach.

For the safest family swimming, Oceanside Boulevard Beach has a large section that is closed to surfers and boaters in the summer months, leaving it free for waders, swimmers, and bodyboarders. Tyson Street Beach has the best picnic spots, and Buccaneer Beach is the most blissful, relaxing spot if you want to relax and work on your tan.

What are the benefits of self-catering in Oceanside?

Making the Most of Your Oceanside Vacation Home

If you'd rather not eat out for every meal, your Oceanside vacation home comes with everything you need to cook a healthy dinner at home. California is blessed with a favorable climate, resulting in all sorts of fresh food products and, of course, high quality wines.

Head over to the Sunset Farmer's Market to pick out some local goods for dinner, and then pick up a bottle of delicious local wine to go with it. The best meals are shared among friends, after all.

What are the must-see attractions in Oceanside?

5 Must-See Attractions During Your Oceanside Vacation

1. California Surf Museum

Even if you're not a dedicated surfer, this museum will keep you entertained. Come see surfboards, surf art, videos, photography, memorabilia, and more. It's a must-do while on the California Coast.

2. Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

This historic landmark was once a Spanish mission, founded in 1798. The current church is a little younger, dating from 1811, but is a perfect example of a Spanish mission church. The beautiful architecture makes for great photo opportunities.

3. Oceanside Harbor

You'll find the Harbor Village at Oceanside Harbor, with plenty of waterfront dining, boutiques, and local shops. For something a little more adventurous, rent a stand-up paddle board and hit the water.

4. Heritage Park Village and Museum

Visit original structures from the turn of the 20th century, including Oceanside's first General Store, the Portola Inn, the Old City Jail, and the Blacksmith Shop & Livery Stable. There's even a former newspaper printing press.

5. Sunshine Brooks Theater

The historical Sunshine Brooks Theater is located in downtown Oceanside, and has been pleasing audiences for decades. Check out what's on during your visit for a fun-filled evening at the theater.

Information about vacation rentals in Oceanside

🏡Vacation rentals available 814 rentals
💳Possible discounts up to 50%
🌙Nightly prices starting at $100
⭐Popular amenities Pets allowed, Pool and Kitchen
🐾Pet friendly homes 224 homes
🏊Vacation rentals with pools 259 homes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nightly price for a vacation home in Oceanside?

The price of a night's stay in Oceanside starts at $100. If you would like to stay in a house rental, the average price is $702 per night. A condo Oceanside will cost $551 per night on average.

How many vacation rentals are available to book in Oceanside?

There are currently 814 vacation homes in Oceanside to choose from and rent for your next trip.

What amenities are most popular for vacation rentals in Oceanside?

Usually travelers search for Pets allowed, Pool, and Kitchen when booking a vacation rental in Oceanside.

How many vacation rentals with pools are there in Oceanside?

There are 259 rentals across 15 providers in Oceanside.

Are pets allowed in vacation rentals in Oceanside?

Finding a vacation rental in Oceanside that allows dogs is easy, with 224 pet-friendly available.

What's the best time of year to travel to Oceanside?

Oceanside has its warmest time of year in September and August, with average nightly prices of $100.

Find the perfect Oceanside home to match your style

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