SOLVED: What is the Boo Spirit Realm location? | Debates Universe (2024)

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#debates💋🦊Vixen🦊💋1dENTJTaurus87Insecurities or need boundaries?Somebody's past should not define their future with you. I've heard of others having an issue with those people having keep sakes from marriages or exes in general. My thought are especially if you have children is that the marriage is still important to you and always will be. Allowing pictures,... (edited) read moreCouldn't deal with itStrange but I'll be understandingNo issue19 votes614#debatesBETTY/آلاء4dINFPAries21Hear me out.. Men with an older sister >>> Men with a younger sisterI’ve always noticed that men with sisters in general treat women more respectfully, while only children are mommy boys and all brothers treat women like men. However, aside from that, I feel like especially when men have older sisters they act way more grown up mentally. Ones with younger sisters... read more1126#debates💋🦊Vixen🦊💋5dENTJTaurus87New yearsDo you every actually reach your goals or just give up half way through!? I personally have lists upon lists of goals I'm constantly working towards. New years doesn't really matter if you're keeping track and staying motivated all throughout the year <3Never accomplish my goalsSome of themAlmost all of themAll of them since they're realistic15 votes311#debatesRorwan1moENFPGeminiIf u believe in parallel universes like this👍 and tell me do u think they're anything like us ?57#debatesAutumn2yISFPTaurus541 AwardHow do you feel about Valentines DayI think its a Gimmick and more of an elementary school thing8446#debatesSarah1moISTPPisces67Hear me out: pennywise and Mary Poppins are the same species of creaturesOne feeds off fear, while the other off joy.🤡👒95#debates💋🦊Vixen🦊💋1moENTJTaurus87Marriage: does it benefit anyone?As far as I can tell it only benefits spouses with medical decisions and financial stability if one of us dies. On the other hand combining incomes takes away access to many useful benefits I currently have for my children. I appreciate the concept of marriage and wish it was logically realistic... read more2886#debatesSybelle2yENFJVirgo19GhostingAnyone else tired of ghosters?Why do people do it? Often for no reason at all.... For example I was dating someone (nothing serious) for 4 weeks, we had tons of fun. Then boom never heard from him again.So not cool.31#debatesP.I.P.Gnosis1moINTJSagittarius21👀 Go easy on me. Or don't...I believe there are only four ways to define sexuality. And I think it's pretty straightforward:Heterosexual: Being sexually attracted to the opposite sex.hom*osexual: Being sexually attracted to the same sex.Bi-Sexual: Having a sexual attraction to either sex. Celibate: Having zero sexual... read more917#debatesKelly2yENFPSagittariusShould one landlord be allowed to have 1000 tenants?Should there be limits on landlords?7#debatesCam1moINTPPiscesI’ve had a lot of people argue against me on this. But all of them slip up somewhere.35#debatesSarah1moISTPPisces67Anyone would like to discuss the male gaze?613#debatesPiers24dISFPGeminiShower thoughtPretty scary to think at any time nuclear war could break out#debatesBjorn1moINTPSagittarius54"The one"Do you believe there is such a thing as "the one"? And if so, how would you explain the existence of such a person?(Did a god put one on earth for you, is it something inevitable that's just bound to happen, etc)11#debatesChris1moESFPLeo19What's up y'all1#debatesJace1moINFJGemini87Bored, might start a daily random personal debate thing to get to know people on here cause why not?For the fellow book lovers in the house: eBooks vs physical books, what’s your take and why is it better?38#debatesJose 📸2moENFJCapricorn78Open debate: from your perspective, Is technology making us more isolated or more connected? (edited)ConnectedIsolated50 votes511#debatesSteven2moENTJCapricorn89How do u politely tell someone they smell1324#debatesVishal Kaushal2moINFJScorpio87OpinionWhat's most important factor ?Physical HealthMental HealthWealthRelationsPlannings26 votes35#debatesJordy Navarro1moENFP67Kendrick vs glizzy DrakeI have no beef with any artists or rapper but I'm just enjoying the show and grab some of my popcorn. As far as the beef goes, I believe that Kendrick absolutely bodied Drake13#debates💋🦊Vixen🦊💋2moENTJTaurus87Girls messaging firstWould that intimidate you? I found that some guys cannot handle the woman leading in the relationship. While I don't think it should matter guys can still have traditional mindsets. I say women and men should get equally rejected by both willing to ask each other out. That also means being willing... read moreYesNoMen should ask women out139 votes1466#debatesAdrian2moINTPLeoKendrick VS DrakeWho y'all think up right now 🤔 I got my money on Kendrick25#debatesJose 📸2moENFJCapricorn78At what point/age in life did you decide that preserving your peace is more worth it than being in a relationship with alot of drama? Does this point/age also correlates with the point/age you stopped the experimenting phase in your life?For me it was at the age of 22. Also for me both points in life correlated with each other.47#debatesJewel2moISFJCapricorn78Change my mindNovember and April feel like the coldest months in Canada35#debatesJewel2moISFJCapricorn78Coconuts are mammals811#debatesJose 📸2moENFJCapricorn78Have you ever considered how different types of working hours might affect your productivity, well-being, and work-life balance? What could be the ideal schedule that maximizes efficiency while maintaining personal happiness for you?412#debatesJose 📸2moENFJCapricorn78From your perspective, is it more important to be respected or liked?19#debatesEve2moENTJ87Would you rather...According to Niccolo Machiavelli "It is better to be feared than to be loved"If you were to choose, what would you rather instill and act upon on? Why?35#debatesLuke2moENTPLeo78.34#debatesJose 📸2moENFJCapricorn78With the potential for life extension technologies, what would be the societal impacts of significantly increased human lifespans? Would you be up for living for as long as these scientific technologies allow you to?14#debatesJose 📸2moENFJCapricorn78Considering the unpredictability of life’s outcomes, to what extent should we rely on careful planning versus embracing spontaneity when making significant life decisions? Do you consider yourself more of spontaneous person than plan maker? Or more of a planner than spontaneous?211#debatesDamian Eldritch2moENFJVirgo78New letter, new number, or new color... Which one would change the world the most?Exactly as the title says. I am interested to hear your different perspectives and opinions on this subject, as maybe I work for an underground extra-secret organization that needs to know these things. Or maybe I am just a fella who does things like this for unknown reasons - such as that of a lil... read more19#debatesBetweenUanI2moESTPGemini34Airplane or Helicopter?Which do you prefer to travel on? Why or Why not?31#debatesBetweenUanI2moESTPGemini34Scuba Diviving or Snorkeling?Which do you prefer why or why not?22#debatesBetweenUanI2moESTPGemini34Canoening or Kayaking?Which do you prefer and why? (edited)26#debatesMaT2moINTJLibra21Clown WorldImagine a country would pass a law that would allow its citizens to legally change their age once a year. In addition to that, the law would make it a crime for a third person to insist on your "real" age, instead of accepting your new chosen age.315#debatesAshleyne3moINTJCapricorn67Should emergency pills be made readily available to minors or rather teenagers?? e.g contraceptives720
SOLVED: What is the Boo Spirit Realm location? | Debates Universe (2024)


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